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Access Policy - AMBMC


Access to imaging facilities via the AMBMC is inclusive of access to equipment and expertise; the latter will include project design, image acquisition and data analysis and interpretation.

Access Criteria

Access is merit-based to ensure optimal utilisation of resources. Criteria for determining merit include: Scientific excellence of the research proposal Appropriateness of methods provided by AMBMC to research questions posed by the investigator Ability of the AMBMC to meet the requirements of the investigator Capacity of the investigator to meet the costs of the study Capability and track record of the research team, including ability of the investigator to provide model animals in a timely manner in a laboratory which complies with the NHMRC code of practice. The alignment of the project with the national research priorities. The industrial and social impact of the project for the wider Australian community.

Priority will be given to projects funded under peer-reviewed competitive granting schemes.

Access Arrangements

Access arrangements will be guided by the following principles:

  • All users will be treated the same regardless of their host organisation.
  • Prioritisation of access by users will follow standard consideration regarding merit of research, urgency or deadline issues etc.
  • Intellectual property (IP) will belong to users except where other arrangements have been made.

Application form

Please fill out this application_form.docx Δ in order to use the facilities of the AMBMC

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