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Turbo Spin Echo average 7T model

View online and download the model in MINC or NiFTI format here:

TSE model in MP2RAGE model space (registered using contrast matching and cross correlation)

   tseModelInMP2RAGEspaceCMACC_L15_hippocampus-TSE-7T-sym-mincanon_v0.8 [  View model online  | Download mnc (423 MB) | Download nii (928 MB) ]

TSE model raw

   tseModel_L15_hippocampus-TSE-7T-sym-mincanon_v0.8 [  View model online  |  Download mnc (646 MB) | Download nii (1517 MB) ]

Citing this model:

Bollmann, Steffen, Andrew Janke, Lars Marstaller, David Reutens, Kieran O’Brien, and Markus Barth. “Turbo Spin Echo average 7T model” January 1, 2017. doi:10.14264/uql.2017.267

References describing this model:

Janke AL, O'Brien K, Bollmann S, Kober T, Marstaller L, Barth M. A 7T Human Brain Microstructure Atlas by Minimum Deformation Averaging at 300um. In 24th Annual ISMRM Scientific Meeting and Exhibition, Singapore.

Contrast matching algorithm:

Acquisition details

TSE: 26 (13 female, average age 26.8±3.9) individuals were imaged using 3 repetitions of a 2D Turbo Spin Echo (TSE) sequence covering a slab orthogonally to the axis of the hippocampus with a resolution of 0.2x0.2x0.8mm, flip angle 134, TR 10.3s. Before the atlas creation, we averaged the three TSE acquisitions per participant to one dataset to increase SNR and reduce the amount of data to be processed. Then we resampled the TSE data to an isotropic voxel size of 0.4 mm.

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